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Unlocking the Joy of Teaching 

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A Practical & Effective Classroom Management Program

For Administrators, Teachers, & Parents

To Elevate their Procedures, Routines, & Relationships

Producing Amazing Skills & Dramatically Lifted Outcomes

Nobody becomes a teacher for the Joy of Classroom Management.
But without it, you cannot experience the Joy of Teaching!

Discover the Art

of Setting Limits

Connect with Your

All-In Team

Unlock Your Path to Mastery

A Peak Inside a Setting Limits Workshop

30% of class time is spent on behavior issues. 

However, the number one problem is NOT discipline.

It's a lack of structure, routines, and relationships.

At Setting Limits We Believe

that discipline is NOT a dirty word and that
consequences do NOT need to hurt to be effective!

At Setting Limits We Teach

  • How to master procedures & routines to prevent management issues before they arise
  • How to enforce logical and fair consequences, hold students accountable, & end power struggles for good
  • How to fix disproportionately harmful, but all too common, mistakes that teachers make with classroom management
  • ​How to implement effective and practical strategies that work with even the most challenging students

At Setting Limits We Deliver

​✓ Positive classroom cultures where all students feel safe,                      respected, & connected
✓ Substantially reduced referrals & suspensions by empowering          teachers to equitably handle 95% of behavior issues in class
✓ Stronger teacher job satisfaction and retention rates
✓ Happier students, staff, and families

Alignment between administrators, teachers, & staff on MTSS            practices


International Best Seller with Millions of Copies Sold

Setting Limits has helped tens of thousands of teachers, parents, and schools!

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Just attended a training and I am so excited to implement some of these techniques!

S. Wright, SC

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