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The Setting Limits Process

A Path to Mastery

Educators and administrators LOVE our 5-star rated workshops...

but we offer so much more!

We deliver ultra-personalized support and are passionate about building ongoing success.

Available Solutions

Metrics & Measurements

Align on measurements of continuous success. We target at least a 50% reduction in referrals and suspensions with improvements in disproportionality, school culture, teacher & staff satisfaction, resulting in improved academic outcomes for all students.

Read this testimonial from Sheldon Elementary went from its final year in "Program Improvement"

to a Blue Ribbon Schools in 4 years.



Our full-day workshop helps teachers master the foundations of effective classroom management.  With guided practice and realistic scenarios, teachers learn how to master routines and procedures to prevent behavioral issues before they arise, how to create positive relationships to foster a true community in the classroom, and how to put an end to power struggles for good with effective limit setting!


Half the day is spent teaching the concepts and the second half is spent collaborating to meet the needs of the school and teachers. The workshop can include all staff or a focus on a leadership team of "Champions." The content can be delivered in various length segments.

   Live or Virtual   


   Whole Staff, Champions, or Individual   

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Organized into modules, the lessons help teachers master routines & procedures, manage even their most challenging students, build community, partner with parents, and much more!  PLUS, resources for how to handle over 50 common classroom management scenarios. Training for administrators is also included.

Certificates available for Professional Development Credits

  👍 Included with the workshop  

Ongoing Support 

We offer coaching, classroom observations, support for administration, work sessions, and/or online office hours for unparalleled support for those we work with.


Setting Limits APP 

Administrators and educators can engage throughout the year to learn, be inspired, share, ask questions and get quick feedback, or access our rich resource library.

Positive Actions:  Act.  Daily educational, inspirational, and practical steps to keep growing.​

Messages:  Connect.  Support, collaboration, and inspiration from a live Setting Limits Coach.

Journal:  Reflect.  Share thoughts and ideas with your coach.

Go Deep:  Immerse.  Deeper understand of the content, practice until mastery, with office hours access.

   Coming Soon!   

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Additional Services

Parent Workshop:
Setting Limits with Their Children

A full-day or series of evening workshops, for parents to learn how to master the art of limit setting with their children. Designed to be an extra support for schools and to improve the consistency of how consequences are administered for children in and out of school. Packed with real-life scenarios, role-playing, and a step-by-step process for being firm and fair with children so they learn how to make better behavioral choices in a safe and loving environment. When teachers and parents work together, amazing things happen.

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Reframing Behavior Through a Trauma-Sensitive Lens

“Behavior is communication and changing the way you see a child’s behavior will change the way you see the child.”  ~Lisa MacKenzie

A 90-minute to full-day training that unpacks the latest neuroscience research to create positive, supportive learning environments for everyone and prevents disruptive behavior. This training is designed for ALL educators to better understand how the body responds to stress, and how trauma and toxic stress impact students’ behavior and the learning process.   Educators will walk away with powerful strategies to use immediately.

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