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Success Stories

“Sheldon Elementary is a Title 1 school. It was in the second year of program improvement and about to be taken over by the state. I brought Lisa and Rob in to implement the Setting Limits Program.  The following year, we were no longer considered “program improvement” and in three years, we received the “Blue Ribbon Award” for academic achievement.  Our student population and demographics did not change.  My teachers were empowered and able to handle the behaviors because of what they learned.”    

  • Catherine Bozzini, Director of Elementary Education VUSD (former principal of Sheldon Elementary)

“By using the Setting Limits Program, our school has become a place of harmony.”

  • Barbara O’Donnell, Principal, St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School, CA

“All the classroom management books I’ve read have been about how to set everything up. But none of them talk about what to actually say/do when a student doesn’t follow those rules! This training and book have been very helpful in reframing those moments with students, and even though it’s still a big work in progress for me, I can feel that the power struggles are dying out. An excellent program!”

  • Allison M., 4th grade teacher, CA

“I am a teacher with 10 years of experience in both general ed and special ed classrooms. My passion is working with behaviorally challenged students. After many years of experience, I had the opportunity to take the Setting Limits training offered at my site. Here it is- all the 'tricks of the trade' for keeping the classroom under control.  I was so impressed by it that I bought copies of Setting Limits in the Classroom for fellow teachers who I knew were having problems. One teacher read the whole book over the weekend and began using it the next week. What a difference! The class that previously was throwing things at each other, talking during instruction, etc. was now on-task and excited about learning! (Yes, this is a true story!)”

  • Leslie G., 6th grade teacher, CA

“I just finished up my 4th year teaching and I needed to find a belief system for classroom management...not just tips and tricks from blogs. The Setting Limits in the Classroom training helped me recognize how teachers fall into frustrating cycles, or "dances" with students, and more importantly how to avoid them. With the understanding that it is action that stops disruption you can plan for classroom interventions that solve the problem. I feel much more confident in my management and discipline and the classroom is more peaceful.”

  • Loriann S., Middle School Teacher, AZ

“Upon starting as principal, I immediately implemented Setting Limits in the Classroom as our school-wide discipline policy.  Lisa Mackenzie came to train our faculty, staff, and even parents.  Setting Limits has played a central role in restoring our school culture!  Our school has since drastically grown in enrollment, family engagement, and fidelity to our mission. I’ve had Lisa come each year during our preservice.  The staff loves the training and uses the program.”

  • Raymond Concannon, Principal K-8 school Pensacola, FL.

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Ahnna Gibson, Assistant Director of Special Education, Oconee County, South Carolina

Elizabeth McDonald, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Instruction, Oconee County, South Carolina

Ahnna Gibson, Assistant Director of Special Education, Oconee County, South Carolina

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