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Classroom Management and Setting Limits

A Dynamic Workshop

Disruptive behavior and lack of discipline in the classroom are serious problems facing teachers today. The result: more time spent with testing and power struggles, less time for teaching and learning. Everyone loses.

Teachers need effective skills and training to be in charge of their classroom management. The Setting Limits Workshops will show you how to do that.

Say good-bye to all the ineffective methods that wear you down and get you nowhere! No more repeating, reminding, arguing, bargaining, lectures, or threats... and no more power struggles!

In our idea-charged workshops you'll learn how to set clear, firm limits in your classroom and gain cooperation and respect from your students while avoiding the traps of permissiveness and autocratic over-control. All you need is the right tools in your classroom management toolkit. The Setting Limits Program provides you with the proven research based methods to help you get started.

Program Highlights

Recognized for their lively and humorous presentations, Dr. Robert MacKenzie and Lisa Stanzione's workshops are loaded with dozens of practical skills and strategies that K-12 educators can put to use immediately in their classroom.

You'll learn how to:

  • Teach basic student responsibilities
  • Build positive teacher-student relationships
  • Enlist parent support and cooperation
  • Stop power struggles before they begin
  • Teach responsibility and social skills
  • Support your rules and authority with instructive logical consequences
  • Use parents and the office for back-up support
  • Support students with special needs

The methods are clear, easy-to-use, and effective with all students, even the "strong-willed" ten percent who cause 90% of classroom discipline problems. Join us for a motivating and inspiring day!


"Great seminar! It not only helps me with my classroom, but at home as well."
Judi Robinson, Third Grade Teacher
"For many students, these techniques provide the difference between success and failure."
Margaret Storey, Elementary School Vice Principal
"It's time-efficient, clear-cut, and easy to use. It preserves student dignity and teacher sanity. Its effects are long-lasting."
Shirley Heine, Fifth Grade Teacher
"Superb! This was one of the best workshops I ever attended."
Virginia Mecham, Title I Specialist
"By using the 'Setting Limits Program,' our school has become a place of harmony."
Barbara O'Donnell, Elementary School Principal

Meets in-service Requirements - Verification of hours of participation will be provided which may be used to meet individual continuing education or recertification requirements.

ON-SITE TRAINING AVAILABLE - Most programs are available on-site in your K12 school or district.

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Setting Limits in the Classroom

Setting Limits makes teachers' lives easier and kids' lives better!
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