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Developing a School-Wide Setting Limits Program

The key to any successful K-12 school guidance program is helping teachers, parents, and administration work together as partners under the same guidance plan using a common set of effective guidance methods. The result: teachers better trained to handle discipline problems in the classroom, more cooperation from students, more support from parents, fewer students sent to the office, more efficient use of administrative time, more time for teaching and learning. Everyone wins. The goal is within reach.

Dr. MacKenzie and his staff offer a full package of services and materials over a one-year time period to help your K-12 School achieve this goal at a very affordable price. Best of all, the "Full Implementation Package" provides you the flexibility to select the combination of workshops, consultative support services, and guidance materials best suited to the needs of your particular school and staff. Guidance posters and materials for the classroom are available in both Spanish and English. Parent workshops also are available in both Spanish and English and can be exchanged for additional consultative support hours or special focus workshops for staff. All methods, materials, and procedures are fully aligned with the standards set forth by the California State Department of Education.

Package Highlights

The core package includes:
One full-day staff development training seminar
A minimum of six hours of focus workshops for staff
Three workshops for parents
Twenty five hours of consultative support for staff
A full-day training for trainers workshop
A 30% discount on all books purchased for staff and parents

Workshops and consultative support services will be provided at your school site and arranged to fit your school's schedule. All you need to do is schedule a minimum of one full day within a one-year time frame.


"School-wide discipline use to be only a dream. Now, it's a reality! My job has never been easier or more rewarding."
Kathleen G. Nguyen, Elementary School Principal
"The effects of this guidance and discipline program could be measured immediately. Discipline referrals to my office have reduced by two-thirds."
Mollie Pitcher, Assistant Principal
"The Setting Limits Program is the most effective system of behavior management I've seen in my thirty-four years of experience as a teacher, counselor, and principal. It turned my school around in terms of climate and sense of purpose. Natural and logical consequences make so much sense. I consider the program elegantly simple. Teachers are so much more empowered using Setting Limits."
Virginia Green, Elementary School Principal
"The Setting Limits Program has been implemented school-wide in our elementary school for the past one and a half years. The climate of the school and relationships between staff and students has dramatically improved our school culture and character. My time as site principal is more appropriately spent supporting the instructional program."
Lauran Hawker, Elementary School Principal
"Working with the Setting Limits Program has brought our staff and community together for the sole purpose of helping our students become responsible citizens. Teachers feel confident, parents understand the purpose of our actions, and students benefit from much more focused instruction and less interruptions. This program has given me more time to actually support our staff as the instructional leader on site."
P.J. Foehr, Elementary School Principal.

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Setting Limits makes teachers' lives easier and kids' lives better!
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