Setting Limits

Setting Limits Posters for the K-12 Classroom

Guidance and Discipline Posters to Help Teachers with Management of their Classrooms.

Posters displayed in K-12 classrooms are an effective way to reinforce classroom rules, standards, and guidance procedures. The Setting Limits Program provides four posters that reinforce core components of the program.

Posters are available in both English and Spanish.

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Classroom Rules Poster

Classroom Rules poster K-12 teachers do not need exhaustive sets of rules to convey their standards and expectations for acceptable behavior. Nearly all classroom rules can be summed up in three basic rules.

Student Responsibilities Poster

Student Responsibilities poster Good work habits are essential for success in K-12 classrooms. The Student Responsibilities Poster is a visual reminder of the basic skills and work habits all students need to master.

Logical Consequences Poster

Logical consequences poster Logical Consequences are the "gold standard" for effective classroom management. This poster is an effective aide for teachers learning to use logical consequences and a visual reminder for students regarding the consequences for unacceptable classroom behavior.

Time-Out Posters

time out poster The Two-Stage Time-Out is a highly effective classroom management procedure that stops disruptive behavior and preserves valuable instructional time. These posters serve as effective visual aides for students regarding the consequences for disruptive behavior. Separate posters are available for primary, intermediate, and secondary level students.

Setting Limits makes teachers' lives easier and kids' lives better!
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