Setting Limits

Mission Statement

The Setting Limits Program: Making Kid's Lives Better and Parent's and Teacher's Lives Easier.

The essence of the Setting Limits Program is captured in the term, "balanced approach." Some approaches to child discipline are firm, but not respectful to children. Other approaches are respectful, but not firm. Still others flip-flop back-and-forth between the two extremes. None of the extremes provide the clarity, firmness, or respect children need to learn our rules, respect adult authority, or make positive choices about their behavior. All of these approaches lead to testing and power struggles.

The mission of the Setting Limits Program is to provide parents, teachers, and all guidance providers with the tools they need to balance firmness with respect and get the cooperation they expect from children without all the testing and power struggles. The methods are proven, research-based, easy-to-use, and work with children of all ages and temperaments. Say good-bye to all of the anger, drama, angst, and coercion. Join the hundreds of thousands of parents and teachers who have learned to set clear, firm limits and move past power struggles to enjoy cooperative and satisfying relationships with children. All you need is the right tools in your tool box. You'll enjoy setting limits.

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Setting Limits makes teachers' lives easier and kids' lives better!
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