Setting Limits

Workshop Structures


Keynote presentations

Presentations range from one to two hours in length.

Brief workshop presentations

Presentations range from one to two hours in length.

Half-day presentations

Three hours in length and occur within either the morning or afternoon periods. The half-day fee applies to keynote presentations. Workshops less than two hours or evening workshops are negotiated independently.

A full-day presentation

Takes place within a normal work-day time frame (e.g., 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or any part of that time frame up to six and a half hours.

A satellite presentation

Takes place in an available time frame (usually evenings) and coincides geographically with an existing, confirmed presentation.

A Full Implementation Package

Workshops, training materials, and support services are available for schools interested in implementing the Setting Limits Program on a school-wide basis. All services are delivered at the school site over a one-year time frame. For more details, see Developing a School-Wide Training Program.

NOTE: Round trip air transportation and/or mileage, ground transportation, meals, and lodging are considered expenses and are added to the professional fee. Please be advised that the professional fee is due upon conclusion of the presentation. Expenses are due within 30 days of the presentation.


Setting Limits makes teachers' lives easier and kids' lives better!
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